Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10 Good Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

I am often asked why you should use my services versus booking your own trips online.  Below you will find several reasons that a good travel agent is as valuable as a good mechanic.

1.  We, quite simply, know more than you do.  We are always training, getting certifications and visiting the destinations that we sell.  We also have input from our clients, about hotels, restaurants and activities. We know the best time to visit, when hurricanes are likely to happen and when the rainy season is.  We know if you need a visa or if a passport is sufficient.  We have the inside information and are really happy to share it with you.

2.  We also have clout with many suppliers because we do business with them everyday.  We can often get that oceanview room that is unavailable on the websites.

3.  When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, your travel agent will go above and beyond to make
 things right.  Again our influence with many suppliers that we use on a daily basis works in your favor.  They will work hard to not only insure your satisfaction, but the travel agency's as well.

4.  The best agents, will save you money.  They have access to specials and discounts that you know nothing about.  Maybe it's a room upgrade or or beverage credit, or other amenities that will give you more bang for your buck.

5.  In high pressure world with crazy, busy schedules, a travel agent will save you so much time.  Let them do all of the research and find the best value for your trip.  Leave it to the pros while you get that time to relax and do something that you enjoy.

6.  Your agent, can match you with the trip that best suits your needs.  For example, a cruise line that attracts a younger crowd would not be appropriate for retirees.  Your agent will know the difference and steer you in the right direction.

7.  We will know about that nonstop from your gateway city to your destination that may not be shown on that internet site.  Who wants to spend their time in airports when they don't have to?

8.  Using a good, local agent will help protect your from travel scams.  We know when a deal is too good to be true and we know where to go to get the real lowdown.  Countless people show up in our offices asking for our assistance to recoup their money once they have been scammed by internet sites.   As badly as we feel for them, we cannot help because it was not booked through us.  This is happening with more and more frequency in recent years.

9.  You will receive all of our travel services at no charge and we usually are able to price match if you find a good deal on the internet.  (Some agencies charge a research fee that is applied to the cost of your trip at booking.  I rarely do this unless it is a very detailed itinerary that is going to require more time than most bookings.)

10.   We are as excited about your trip as you are.  We can't wait to hear from you upon your return and love to see your pictures.  We want to know about that fabulous restaurant and that place that was a disappointment.  Your feedback helps us to be better when we book that destination again.

We do all of the above at no charge, we are paid by our suppliers, it does not cost you a dime.  So next time you get that travel bug, give us a call, we should always be your first stop in planning a memorable adventure.

Until next time, safe travels!

Quote of the Week:   “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

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