Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Orleans

Need a quick four day getaway, then try one of our favorites, the beautiful city of New Orleans.  We always, stay in the French Quarter so we can walk to just about everthing.  .

We love those walks past the many unique specialty shops and the antiques dealers.  Every corner provides some kind of street entertainer that perform to the delight of the tourists and music resonates through the whole area.  Be sure to stop by the French Market for souvenirs.  It is full of many vendors with everything you can think of, offered at a good price. After a leisurely stroll down the Mississippi River, a  "must do"  tourist stop is Cafe du Monde to snack on beignets, that are covered in powdered sugar complemented by the chicory flavored coffee that is served with them.  As you guiltily savor this New Orleans delight you are serenaded by the ever-present music.

After this savory snack, you can take a tour of the Garden District that is full of gracious and stunning southern homes and enormous Pin Oak trees.  Or take a horse and buggy tour that stops at the oldest bar in New Orleans where you can order a drink delivered right to your carriage. This is a wonderful way to learn the history of this lovely southern city.  Other tour options include a Swamp tour through the Louisiana Bayou which is like entering another world that is full of alligators.  It was well worth seeing.  Or you can opt for a Cemetery Tour.  New Orleans cemeteries are very unique because people cannot be buried underground as the city sits below sea level, so centuries ago, they designed a cemetery system that is really interesting and unique.  One of the highlights of these tours is a visit to the tomb of the Queen of Voodoo.  Voodoo has had a presence in the city for centuries and for those who are interested there are many museums and tours available to further explore the darker side.  A visit to the Mardi Gras Museum is educational and a nice way to spend some time.

The best time of day in New Orleans, is meal time.  The dining options are endless and the local dishes have to be tried.  A Po'Boy sandwich (NOLA's answer to a hoagie) for lunch usually consist of meat of some kind or seafood.  Of course the choices for dinner on at least one evening should be jambalaya or gumbo and the more daring among you, should try alligator.  I have tried all three while visiting and really enjoyed it.  One dinner should be reserved for a trip to Emeril's or NOLA, Emeril Lagasse's restaurants in his hometown.  It is well worth doing and I enjoyed every savory bite of it.

In the evenings, a stroll down Bourbon Street, while sipping a frozen margarita (or just about any drink of your choice) will provide you with some entertainment but when you want to settle in somewhere,  the options are endless.    We have spent many an hour at a piano bar singing along to show tunes.  Or on other occasions, we have stopped into a local Irish pub.   And of course, there are many local jazz clubs where you can enjoy the music that put New Orleans on the map.

I am always so sad to leave this lovely place but I always leave with great memories

Until next time, safe travels!

At the French Market
Jackson Square

Horse and Buggy tour

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